Did Idaho Democrats Recruit Tommy Ahlquist?


Issue Lt. Gov Brad Little Dr. Tommy Ahlquist Congressman Raul Labrador
Gave maximum allowed donation ($5,000) to Democrat opponent vs Governor Butch Otter. No. Yes. [1] [2] No.
Gave maximum allowed donation to liberal Democrat Boise Mayor Dave Bieter ($1,000) No. Yes. No.
Voted in every GOP Primary election for last 20 years Yes No, first participated in 2016. [3] Yes
Voted for Trump vs. Hillary. Yes. Always supports party nominee No, wrote in ineligible candidate making vote invalid. [4] Yes. Always supports party nominee
Operates a company that raised and donated millions to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election effort and penned an op-ed titled, “Why Mormons should support Hillary” No. Yes. Is the COO of Gardner Company. A top funder of Hillary Clinton. [5] [6] [7] [8] No.
Recruited by Democrats to run for Governor on the Democrat ticket. No. Yes. Letter by Rep. Phyllis King exposed this. [9] No.
Surprised to learn Idahoans outside of Boise feel disconnected from their government and forgotten by their leaders No. Been fighting and working in government for all Idahoans for 20 years, having extensive knowledge of the issues in each town. Yes. Publicly stated his new knowledge after visiting 97 Idaho cities for the first time ever. [10] No. As a grassroots activist from his time as a precinct committeeman, been involved with people all over Idaho from bottom to top, hearing every issue and concern from all over the state.
Rejects Common Core No. * No. Changed position to support common core and oppose “rollout” only. [11] Yes. Wants Idaho to opt-out.
Will fight for marriage between one man and one woman No. * No. Changed “blue print” to reflect new position. [12] Yes.
Violated election law by campaigning before filing as a candidate, secretly funded by Utah companies and Hillary loyalists No. Followed all election laws. Yes. Secretary Denney investigated and called upon campaign to immediately file appropriate forms. Candidate publicly laughed at the news reports. [13] No. Followed all election laws.

* Little’s stand on Common Core and same-sex marriage was corrected from the original mailing.

Alquist’s $5,000 donation to A.J. Balukoff
Alquist’s $1,000 donation to Dave Bieter
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