Republican Party Chairman Yates Admits to Participating in Covert “Secret Society.”


In a transcript of a secretly filmed video, Republican Party Chairman Yates makes the shocking admission that he has “a data program that runs through the project” known as the “Idaho Prosperity Project.”  The “Idaho Prosperity Project” is a “Secret Society” whose purpose is to “reset leadership” and reshape delegates to the Republican State Convention to vote for party leaders including State Party Chairman Yates.  Yes, that’s right.  Not only did Yates admit his data program runs through the project, Yates also admitted he was willing to be paid $90,000 for consulting fees for this project to “target” Central Committee Members for removal.  Think about that!  Chairman Yates would have gladly been paid $90,000 to target people in the Republican State Central Committee while also serving as Republican State Party Chairman supposedly serving those very people he’s targeting for money–lots of money.  Talk about a conflict of interest!  Target those you’re supposed to serve for $90,000!  Luckily, Yates didn’t get paid the $90,000—but only “because they didn’t come up with any money.”  Yates summed it up best, “if you don’t pay, I don’t work.”

To read the transcript, click here.

To read the secret “Idaho Prosperity Project” memo, click here.

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