Idaho Republican Party Chairman Yates Lies About Involvement in “Secret Society.”


Before Chairman Yates knew his comments were being recorded and when he thought he could lie about the conversation, he reportedly told the press, “The upshot of what I recall of the conversation was that I told him, multiple times, that I don’t know that this is even real and I think people are messing with him. And he took a number of conclusions from that conversation that I don’t think will stand up to scrutiny.” Channel 8 April 4, 2016.  And he reportedly said, And I remember consistently telling him that ‘I don’t think this is real,’ and ‘I think someone is just messing with you.’” Post Register April 4, 2016.  But after Chairman Yates made these statements, an actual transcript of the discussion was published showing that Chairman Yates lied about the “Secret Society” not being real because Chairman Yates is actually involved in it.  Read for yourself what Chairman Yates actually said:

Doyle Beck:   But you’re not a part of this project, this Prosperity Project?

Steve Yates:  Yeah. I have a data program that runs through the project.


Doyle Beck:   So the consultant they’re talking about there was you?

Steve Yates:  Could have been, but it isn’t.

Doyle Beck:   Because they didn’t come up with any money [$90,000]?

Steve Yates:  Right.

Chairman Yates claims that the “Secret Society” is not real yet he has a data program that runs through the project and he would have been its consultant if the group could have come up with the $90,000 to pay him.  In other words, if Chairman Yates doesn’t know if the “Secret Society” is real, then why does he let it use his data program and why was he willing to be its consultant if they could have raised the $90,000?  The answer is clear:  Chairman Yates has been caught lying about his involvement in the “Secret Society.”

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