RINO Alert: Candidate David Smith Legislative Dist. 33B Is Loose

David M. Smith, RINO Legislative Candidate Dist 33B

While David Smith is a registered as a Republican, he is not genuine.  In reality he considers himself as a Republican in name only (R.H.I.N.O.) BECAUSE:

“He considers himself generally independent and has little tolerance for political parties.”                                                           – The Post Register

“He said he is driven by pragmatism rather than ideology.”                                                                                                                – The Post Register

“He is the only legislative candidate in a contested race to skipped the important May 12th Bonneville County Republican Candidate’s Forum.”                                        Bonneville County Republican Central Committee

“He is the only Candidate in a contested legislative race that the Bonneville County Central Committee was unable to verify whether Mr. Smith accepts and supports the Idaho Republican Party Platform.”                                                – Bonneville County Republican Center Committee

“He is supported by Ultra-Left-Special Interest Groups, Long-Time Liberal Democrats, and the Immoral Prosperity Fund PAC.”                                                             – Idaho Secretary of State Campaign Finance Reports



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