Reasons For OtterPAC and Historical Accountability


Why are Gov. Otter & the GOP Establishment TRYING TO REMOVE GOD and Constitution, Personal Responsibility, Open Primary, Family Farm Unit, Private Property Rights and Other Conservative Ideals From the Republican Platform?

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

The time has come again to offer another government review and historical accounting.

The Otter PAC was formed and established to make BIG changes to what the Idaho Republican Party stands for!

For years we’ve heard arguments over various issues in the Idaho GOP, but the big divide we are feeling now started in 2006.

Butch said many times publicly he has been angry since we voted out “his chairman Kirk Sullivan.”

Kirk Sullivan came to the 2006 convention with a rewritten platform, which excluded the name of God, the pro-life plank, and all the moral issue planks, I cannot remember, but suspect other issues like the 2nd amendment, private property rights, school choice etc. were also taken out.

In 2006, Sullivan also was hell bent on getting that God-less platform passed. He went as far as to eliminate from committee people from what he thought were moral issue counties. An example was Bonneville County was supposed to have 10 of their delegates on committees, instead there were two from that county.  Because Sullivan did not know most of the central committee as real people, he underestimated how many “value voters” were in attendance. At this convention, the delegates were so angry at Sullivan that he had to apologize or there would be a threat of him losing his chairmanship that year. Sullivan told me on a few occasions that his goal as chairman was to “get rid of all that God and moral issue stuff, because it makes us look like idiots.”

Many things were passed at that convention, including 87% voted to close the Idaho primaries. Reason being that for the 2002, 2004, and 2006 election cycle the democrat party were practicing organized efforts to vote in the Republican primary to choose the weakest, or most liberal candidate. I n many counties favorite Republican County commissioners were taken out and extremely liberal democrat leaning candidates were winning the primary. In 2006, the democrats organized a statewide effort to affect a statewide race. We now know because of a poll taken that a huge percent of democrat voters admit that they were voting in the Republican primary for the weakest, or most liberal candidate.

Because Sullivan ignored what was passed in 2006, and made a huge effort to undermine every single order of the central committee for the next 2 years, he was voted out in 2008. It really had nothing to do with how many felt about Otter, but he took it very personally. Many of us were personally threatened by Otter, and his staff.

Later on in 2014, Senator Jeff Siddoway showed up with similar proposed platform, very similar, to the one Sullivan proposed in 2006.

Otter held on his grudge, and in 2014 his operatives were given $100,000 to replace long standing precinct committee members in the party. They concentrated their efforts in Ada, Elmore, Payette and Kootenai Counties. They were able to prevail in three counties, but it backfired in Kootenai.

In Ada they were able to replace longtime Republican citizen precinct people with people who were government employees and lobbyists, and their associates.

At the Ada County reorganization meeting in 2014, these newly elected Otterbots refused to follow part rules, and would not allow long time central committee members, Russ and Kara Fulcher, Mike Moyle, John Vander Woude, Reed and Gayann Demordaunt, Chris Troupis, Rod Beck and 64 others to even be considered for a delegate position to the Moscow Convention. Instead they presented a filled slate, with many names who, many who never even intended to be at the convention, and others who would vote for the IACI, and Otter agenda.

Included in this effort, Senator Jeff Siddoway brought the proposed platform changes to gut out basic Republican principles.

I am including the proposed amended Preamble of our Republican platform: the lines through it are the part Jeff Siddoway and the Otterbots wanted taken out.  Other planks marked out were the support of the 2nd amendment, support of private property rights, and school choice, and many others.

I do believe this was the real reason for the fight. Please examine the 2014 nefarious proposed amendments for yourself.


LeeAnn Callear

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